Feel free to order our products. We offer a large variety of industrial magnets, holders and various types of magnetic separators (including but not limited to Neodymium, ferrite, AlNiCo magnets). We offer highest-end products at competitive prices. We sell both retail and wholesale.

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Our outlet is situated at 30 Igańska Street in Warsaw. Please feel fee to call us, e-mail us or order via our website.

EURO MAGNESY Gigauri Gocza Gigauri Dawid, Sp. j.
ul. Igańska 30
04-083 Warszawa
Taxpayer ID No.: 5322049078
Business ID No.: 147374583


ul. Igańska 30
04-083 Warszawa
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 8.00am-5.00pm

+48 22 258 44 61
+48 22 258 21 57
+48 533 272 262