Neocube sphere magnet

Neocube Magnetic Balls:

Neocubeballs are an awesome gadget toengage you intellectually for many hours of intellectual enjoyment. Neocubemagnetic balls are a real bestseller, both in Poland and abroad.The magnetic gadget consists of 216 5mm wide neodymium magnet balls. Joining them poses a considerable challenge, as it is hard to identify their polarisation. We offer ball sets in various colors. They are all made of high grade N35neodymium.

  • Magnetic balls are great stimulants of imagination and creative thinking.
  • Arranging compositions strengthens concentration.
  • It is a product for you and your beloved oneswhich will deliver many hours of great fun to you.
  • It is an ideal gift for older children and adults.
  • Magnetic balls can be arranged into every figure or shape, and the possibilities of joining Neocube balls with various colors are limitless.Therefore, we recommend buying several sets if you would like to create more complex compositions.