Magnetic filter bars

Magnetic Separators (Magnetic Rollers):

Magnetic separators (magnetic rollers) draw on a magnetic system designed to maximize their reach and field strength. The magnets are coated with acid-resistant steel that is compliant with all food-processing and industrial standards.They are also water-tight and resistant to chemicals. The cylindrical surface of the rollers is magnetically active along their whole length. Their poles are arranged alternately. To make their installation easier, the magnetic rollers are provided,at their ends,with threaded mounting holes. Neodymium magnets are used for the production of the rollers. They are often used in food industry to separate (capture) metal items.All this makes them suitable for use in the processing of plastics. Magnetic rollers are used to separate metal particles from loose and liquid materials. They can be used alone or in larger sets and form so-called “magnetic grids”.

Our range includes bipolar magnets, which enable to join two magnets together.

Please contact us to check the possibility of customizing a magnetic separator to meet your individual needs.